Cats Cradle Cattery

Traditional and Classic Oriental and Colorpoint Siamese

About Us

Cats Cradle Cattery a small, in-home, hobby breeding program founded in 2006. We specialize in lynxpoints, solid points and solid (self) coat patterns which are available at different times of each year.  Occasionally, we also have medium-hair, Balinese kittens. 

Our cats and kittens are registered as 'pet quality' with TCA and/or CFA. We do not breed show cats.


   Our goal is to breed  healthy, adaptable, and beautiful kittens that will grow up to be loving pets. Kittens are held from birth and socialized from an early age. They get lots of nurturing and TLC, and are raised in a warm, clean environment. 


We try to find the best homes for our kittens and retired cats.  We may ask questions about your lifestyle, schedule, other family members, and other pets in your household.  We try to match the best kitten for you- for the kitten's happiness, as well as yours.  

Our kittens are indoor-only, are never to be declawed, and are sold with a signed spay-neuter agreement.  We do not ship our kittens.  Kittens go to their new homes between 9-12 weeks old.

Kittens are reasonably priced and include loving early socialization, first vaccinations, de-worming, and litter registration.  Cost may vary for individual kittens or litters due to color, pattern, availability, etc., so please email or contact us. (see contact form)

Ask me about discounts on the purchase of two kittens!

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